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Let’s be honest, we are currently in the selfie age. We want to have the best picture, the greatest edits, stunning designs on our Instagram and other social media. But, how can we have a unique style? Easy, animated pictures! Download Enlight Pixaloop and your pictures will be improve in a few steps with simple animations.

But what if we are not professional photographers or animators? How can we have a great edit without having the technique knowledge? Well, this app is the perfect solution for you. There are a lot of apps out there to do this, but the true is that most of them are complicated to use, too many buttons and options and anything makes sense. With Enlight Pixaloop you can have hundreds of choices, but it is so well design that you won’t have any trouble understanding.

What can you do with Enlight Pixaloop?

This is an incredible app just for the ones who dare. Enlight Pixaloop will help you to improve your pictures and make them so unique and perfect. With this app you can animate different objects on your photo, like clouds, hair, clothes, stars, hair, flowers, candle light, fire and so much more. This will caught the eye of people in a matter of seconds.

The best part about this app is that is super accurate and looks professional, but the design if for everyone. Is easy to understand and easy to use, so we can guarantee that you will have a great result without needing professional knowledge. You can even control every inch of your animation and picture and it will be so easy and simple.

To animate an object, you just have to select it carefully, then put arrows to define where the movements are going. Once you have this done, just add reference to adjust the speed of the movement. Freeze some objects so you can keep more realism into the picture and it will look super natural, like a movie in a picture!

As you can see, this is a great app that you can use to improve the quality of your picture but also to make it more fun. So, if you want to download Enlight Pixaloop, keep reading to know how.

Step by step: how to download Enlight Pixaloop?

To download Enlight Pixaloop you just have to follow some steps. This app is available only for iOS devices, so you can find it easily and for free in the App Store. So, to download this app just open iTunes, search for the app and tap on the download button. Accept the terms and conditions and wait a few minutes until is done.

But, if you want to download Enlight Pixaloop right now, just tap on the download button at the top of this post and it will take you directly to it. Just wait a few minute until the whole process is done and you will have already this amazing app in your phone ready to use.

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