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Graphic designers know for sure that Adobe is the company that offer the best tools when it comes to photo editions, but must of times they need to carry their computers or laptops everywhere in order to work wherever they are. But we have some news for you: this is not necessary anymore, since Adobe has launched the pocket version of Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom is an application that compiles the best of the computer version into just one app that you can take wherever you are. With this app you will have access to several functions that you already know from the software, but if you pay the premium version of the app, you will have the option to even import RAW files without losing quality.

Here in this post we will tell you the amazing features you can find in Adobe Lightroom app and why you should download it right now. Let’s take a look of its wonderful tools and start editing your pictures as a professional. Take notes of the following information.

Best features of Adobe Lightroom App

When it comes to edition, it is not surprising that Adobe is on top of the list. This company has developed during the years a well-designed line of software that improve graphic designer’s performances in the professional fields, and that is exactly the case of Lightroom, that seems to be a simple photo editor, but the truth is that in that easy to use app you will have all the tools you need to get professional results.

 Just by paying the premium version you will have the chance to make use of the following features: Cloud Storage, Sync Presets & profiles, Healing, Selective Adjustments, Sensei Search, Geometry, Editing Raw Photos, Sharing Web Galleries, People Photo Sorting. This means that the app covers almost all the option the computer version does, what is amazing taking into account you will edit in your smartphone.

In addition, a very useful option the application offers are the transfer of RAW files, since photographers will be able to import those types of files to tablets and mobile phones without losing quality. This is actually our favorite feature about the app.

Even if you are an expert or not, Adobe Lightroom is very easy to use and its interface is friendly, we do not have to spend many hours watching tutorials in order to understand the app and to take advantage of it.

How to Download Adobe Lightroom?

We know ypu might be wondering how to download this wonderful app to start editing your pictures as a professional right away, and this is actually the simplest part of the process. This wonderful app available totally free on the App Store and Play Store, for both iOS and Android users respectively, so the only thing you have to do is to write the name of the app on the searh bar and select the right icon. Make sure you select the app that belongs to Adobe, and then tap on the install button to get the app.

Another option you have is by tapping on the download button we have put below this page, that will route you directly to the page for downloading the app right away. In addition, we recommend you to connect your device to a wifi signal in order to make this process even faster.

Once you have the app downloaded and ready to be use, decide whether you want to try out the free version, or the premium one. Remember that the premium version offers a lot of options.

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