Travel & Local


Previously, when we were heading by car in a certain direction, which I did not know, it was a challenge. Similarly, it represented uncertainty, which we could find in the way, therefore,


Navigating through the city sometimes can be a challenge, especially if you are traveling to a foreign city or country and you don’t have internet connection! Normally, if you go to another


Uber Eats

Fast food is something that we all love. It doesn't matter if you want it because you don't want to cook and you're tired, or if you just want to enjoy something



If you are visiting a new place or live in a big city, then you definitely need a map to guide yourself through every street.  Now, with all the technology, you can



If you want to visit a new restaurant but you don’t know which one yet, we recommend you to download Yelp.  This app offers you a lot of information about the places



Sometimes we need a ride for getting to a place real quick and we don’t have many options. But lucky for us, because with all the technology nowadays, we have different services


Google Maps

Maps and locations are important things if you are in a big city that has a lot of streets and ways of transportations. With nowadays technology you can locate yourself easily, but