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When it comes to training apps there are some very popular that you might have heard about already, and others not that famous because maybe their results are not guaranteed. In this



Working out is as important as eating well, and that is why nowadays more people cares about exercising currently, not only to look better, but to feel better too. Out there you


Nike Training Club

Exercising at home could be really disappointing when do not have the plan or the guiding to perform all the movements. Even though we have tried to do it several times in



In the middle of our busy lives, with our Jobs, the kids, university and social life, it is almost impossible to take 1 hour each day to go to the gym. It



The current global crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic has kept us on alert in many ways, taking preventive measures and in many cases making mandatory quarantines. That is why if you



The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost every country in the world and in each country some special measures have been taken to care for the health of citizens and stop the spread



With all the technology we have now, is very easy to have different tools in our devices. These tools can help us in different aspects of our lives, and this includes exercising



Nowadays we spent so much time worrying. About our work, things to do, homework and so much more. This stress in our bodies can be dangerous since it can make us sick.



Nowadays, we are so busy with work and the daily tasks that we can get overwhelmed very easily. This feeling can affect our health, like giving us anxiety, insomnia, headaches, stress and



If you are looking for a good app to meditate, then download Zen to start enjoying a good day. This amazing app has won Best of Google Play Award in 2016 so


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If you want to start running but you don’t know where to start, you need the best help and partner in this process. A lot of apps help you with your training,


10% Happier

I know what you are thinking. In the back of your head you have a list of responsibilities and things to do, work issues, family, your relationship, family and so much more.