Top free cloud storage apps

If you have a lot of documents and files that you want to keep safe, then you need some app that can do that. One of the best services currently to do this is cloud storage apps, the ones that keep your files on an external storage unit online. It is not connected to your computer, so it is completely safe of damages and also keeps your privacy. There are different apps to do this, but on this post we will tell you about the top free cloud storage apps.

The best cloud storage apps

As we mentioned before, there are different apps to do this. On this list you will find just the best and most used cloud storage apps that can help you to keep your files safe.

Google Drive

If you use other Google products, then you probably already know about Google Drive. This is a storage platform (that also has an app) where you can save all your pictures, files, and documents you create on the Google platform. With just sign up, you will have 15 GB of storage space, but if you want more space you can upgrade and get 100 GB just for $1.99. The app is completely free and you just need to download it to use it.


Another amazing app to keep your files, pictures and more safe, is Box. This app is pretty simple and easy to use. Just with creating an account you will get 10 GB of free storage space. The app focus on organization, so you can be sure that you will find all your files easily. If you need more space, you can pay $10 and get up to 100 GB of space. The download of the app is completely free.


One of the most popular apps is Dropbox, and this app sometimes even comes pre-installed on smartphones. This app is pretty simple, with a great design and organization, compatible with most devices and platforms. Once you create your account, you have 2 GB of free storage space. But, if you want more, you can upgrade to 1 TB for $9.99. This app is mostly popular for all the features it has, so take a look at it.

Microsoft OneDrive

If you tend to use a lot of Microsoft products, then you already know OneDrive. This app comes integrated with most Microsoft products so you can keep all your files in this cloud. If you create your Microsoft account, you will have up to 5 GB of free storage space. If you need more than this, you can upgrade to 50 GB for $1.99. The download of the app on your smartphone is completely free.


This app is the sequel of the Megaupload platform, this one shut down and now we have MEGA. Compared with all the apps, this one gives you 50 GB storage space for free, which is a lot. However, this app don’t have a lot of necessary features. But, if you need more space than this, you can get up to 200 GB or 8 TB.

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