Android Applications


For many people, being in control of their personal finances is of great importance, because the facts have shown that, through that control, we can achieve many things, from the point of


Plants vs. Zombies

You've ever wondered how long you'd survive in a zombie apocalypse. Our chances of survival would be slim, however, if we managed to develop survival skills, we could resist.  Already in this


Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, is a game from the successful Finnish company Super Cell, which offers you mechanics very different from previous games in a zero-strategy format. From the moment of its creation to


Candy Crush

It is one of the most popular and successful casual games, which, thanks to the simplicity and ease of its mechanics, makes it very accessible and friendly, giving you endless possibilities that


Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is Google's official launcher.  This is just the application in charge of showing you the applications that you have installed and allowing you to launch them. It is also


You Tube Music

It’s a new online music service, where all the music that excites you this board in one place.  We're talking about official audios and videos, artist radio, live music, remixes and the


YouTube VR

Technological advances are lost sight of today more than ever.  In this sense, the experts have devoted a lot of effort to the subject of image resolution, with the intention of giving


Google Classroom

The current global situation has somehow hastened changes in the way we live. That's how we can say that we are witnessing a revolution in all areas of life. And of course,



In the world of instant messaging, there is a constant evolution of applications, and therefore competition between one application and another takes place, favoring users, as that competition gives you arange of



The pace of life, at present, is extremely demanding, among the work of the home, work away from home, among many other things, leave us practically exhausted and often without any encouragement


Messenger Kids

The web is a universe of contents of all kinds, to which everyone has access. However, parents have always been concerned about how to control the content their minor’s children manipulate on



It continues without para, the evolution of technology in the area of entertainment. And the developers keep an eye on it, all in order to meet the demands of the population. Television



Many times, you find yourself listening to the radio and a song that you like sounds or suddenly you hear by chance a song on the street that catches your attention, but



It is an app, which has revolutionized the world of literature, especially the world of youth literature. It has exceptional features that place it, among the applications of its kind, as more



Human beings are by natural a social being; their tendency will always be to socialize, seek company, establish relationships; and to do this he usually gathers in certain places and practices socialization



Previously, when we were heading by car in a certain direction, which I did not know, it was a challenge. Similarly, it represented uncertainty, which we could find in the way, therefore,



The streaming platforms are the most popular currently. These are platforms that allows you to enjoy content without waiting any second for it to load or download. Streaming is immediate, continuous, simple


Cyber Shadow

Games with a classic and indie touch are always well received by the gamer community, and that is why Cyber ​​Shadow is such a long-awaited game. This fantastic game will be available


Halo Infinite

First person shooter and action games are one of the most sought after categories in video games; And among these games, the Halo franchise has been one of the most exciting and


Hitman 3

If you are a fanatic of video games, you will surely know the famous Hitman saga; this adventure game where you become a hitman and you must fulfill orders in all parts


Navigating through the city sometimes can be a challenge, especially if you are traveling to a foreign city or country and you don’t have internet connection! Normally, if you go to another


Super Mario 3D World

If you are a fan of Mario Bros games, you cannot miss the last of his titles for Nintendo Switch, where you can live great adventures with your favorite characters. We are


Among Us

Finding a videogame that actually keep us wanting more and more is something hard sometimes. Nowadays there are plenty of options but many of them end up being really difficult or boring.


Club House

When it comes to social events, not all of us are good at it. Maybe some could be shy, and others just prefer to stay home because they get so stressed out