Android Applications


The streaming platforms are the most popular currently. These are platforms that allows you to enjoy content without waiting any second for it to load or download. Streaming is immediate, continuous, simple


Cyber Shadow

Games with a classic and indie touch are always well received by the gamer community, and that is why Cyber ​​Shadow is such a long-awaited game. This fantastic game will be available


Halo Infinite

First person shooter and action games are one of the most sought after categories in video games; And among these games, the Halo franchise has been one of the most exciting and


Hitman 3

If you are a fanatic of video games, you will surely know the famous Hitman saga; this adventure game where you become a hitman and you must fulfill orders in all parts


Navigating through the city sometimes can be a challenge, especially if you are traveling to a foreign city or country and you don’t have internet connection! Normally, if you go to another


Super Mario 3D World

If you are a fan of Mario Bros games, you cannot miss the last of his titles for Nintendo Switch, where you can live great adventures with your favorite characters. We are


Among Us

Finding a videogame that actually keep us wanting more and more is something hard sometimes. Nowadays there are plenty of options but many of them end up being really difficult or boring.


Club House

When it comes to social events, not all of us are good at it. Maybe some could be shy, and others just prefer to stay home because they get so stressed out



Talking about entertainment, in 2020 a trend about face swaps became very popular, and people from all around the world started using this app to make funny videos to post on social



How many times have you feel insecure about using a Messenger because you are afraid of delivering private and personal information and that they are hacked? We know there are many apps



Since there are people who love the ocean, others are crazy about the sky. Both are infinite and mysterious that make us want to know more and more every single time. Nowadays,


Adobe Lightroom

Graphic designers know for sure that Adobe is the company that offer the best tools when it comes to photo editions, but must of times they need to carry their computers or



Social media has made us very aware about the way pictures are edited, this because we all want to have good looking feeds in our social networks accounts in order to get



When going abroad the scariest thing to do could be speaking another language, since we are not sure if people will understand us, or maybe we are scared of not understanding people.


Freeletics Bodyweight

When it comes to training apps there are some very popular that you might have heard about already, and others not that famous because maybe their results are not guaranteed. In this



Working out is as important as eating well, and that is why nowadays more people cares about exercising currently, not only to look better, but to feel better too. Out there you



We all know it is not the same to work out on your own and to do it with a trainer or coach. Motivation is what keep us focus on our goals


Nike Training Club

Exercising at home could be really disappointing when do not have the plan or the guiding to perform all the movements. Even though we have tried to do it several times in


Ororo TV

Watching TV is one of the things we enjoy the most in our free time, but have you think about learning a new language while you watch TV? It sounds kind of


Rosetta Stone

When it comes to languages, they have become a need in education. Right now it is very important to include a second language in the education of all children all around the



How many times have you taken a picture and then realize that you did not focus the camera well? This happens to all of us a lot, and this is why there



In the middle of our busy lives, with our Jobs, the kids, university and social life, it is almost impossible to take 1 hour each day to go to the gym. It



It is not a secret that learning a new language could end up being stressful and boring when the method does not catch our attention at first sight. However, we all know



With the growth of social media, it is not surprising the amount of tools, programs and applications that exist to make all our pictures look better, because a good edition will definitely